Purchasing Piano Books

My standard piano curriculum includes the Faber Piano Adventures piano series.  I have found these wonderful books to introduce concepts to students in a logical order and also presents lessons in a way that the young beginner can understand.  For students who are 7 and older I recommend starting in the regular Piano Adventures primer series, which is a set of purple books.  It is important for the student to have the Lesson, Theory, Performance and Technique & Artistry books.  The four books all work together to create a dynamic and engaging lesson plan that properly solidifies the student's learning.  The other great thing about the Piano Adventures books is that the songs are incredibly fun to play!

Piano for the Young Beginner: Primer A (Bastien Piano Basics)For the younger beginner, 4-6 years old, traditionally there was the Bastien's Primer A and B for the Young Beginner, but I have found this series to be outdated compared to the newer publications on the market.  For example, Bastien's introduces eighth notes rather early to the student, which I find unnecessary and confusing to them.  In the Piano Adventures series they are not introduced until Level 2, at a developmental level where they can comprehend them.

My First Piano Adventure, Lesson Book B with CD (Faber Piano Adventures®)A great option for even the pre-reader is the My First Piano Adventures series which is broken up into three levels A, B, and C.  These three books replace the standard primer and introduce the concepts in a simpler and more creative way that really engages the kindergarten-age student through activities and songs.  Many five-year-olds are not ready to read music from a staff yet, and My First Piano Adventure, Lesson Book A with CD (Faber Piano Adventures®) provides them a wonderful introduction to the piano that will not discourage their learning.  I have had great success with 4, 5 and 6 year old students who started in this series.  Books A and B come with a CD which provides accompaniment for the student as well as fun recordings of the songs that the kids love to sing along to.  Book B focuses on Steps on the Staff, and Book C focuses on Skips on the Staff.

I also assign supplemental classical and popular music to my students as soon as they are ready.  If you are interested in having your child start piano lessons please contact me for more information.