Piano Lessons

Private Piano Lessons:

COVID Safety Updates:
Private Piano Lessons via Zoom.
Private Piano Lessons outdoors on portable keyboard
Keyboard sanitized between students.  Temperature checks and masks required for teacher and student.

30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes. 

Erica teaches Piano Lessons in Palo Alto to children 5 and up and adults.  Piano lessons range from 30 to 60 minutes once a week depending on the student’s age, abilities and goals.  During each lesson a new concept is taught and the student is assigned complementary exercises, pieces and written homework in order to solidify the musical or technical concept.  At the following lesson the student is expected to have practiced the exercises and pieces and to have completed their written assignments. In addition to music theory and technique, Erica helps the student develop his or her performance skills through preparation of pieces for student recitals, which are held twice a year.  Students can learn pieces in any genre including pop, rap, dance, kids songs, musical and movie songs, classical and standards.


“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” - Victor Hugo

Erica's ultimate goal as a teacher is to expose children to music in order to inspire a life-long love and appreciation of music. Erica uses the piano as a tool to teach music, emphasizing theory and skill building.  Once the foundation of a song is learned she coaches the students in artistry and expression.  Erica organizes two student recitals a year because she believes that performance is an important part of learning music.  It also fosters confidence and a sense of accomplishment in the students.  Piano lessons help students grow and develop as musicians, artists and well-rounded people.  Erica incorporates a lot of singing into her piano lessons, using her voice as an expressive tool to help teach a musical concept or idea.  Erica motivates and inspires her students to practice and learn because she truly sees each child's potential and is passionate about helping each student live up to their limitless potential.