Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons
Erica Waxer leads music rehearsal at the Palo Alto Children's Theater
Erica offers voice lessons to children, teens and adults and has taught students as young as 4 years old.  As a trained vocal pedagogist, Erica emphasizes proper breathing technique which allows for strain-free singing.  Its vital for proper support to be established in order for superior tone quality to form.  Lessons consist of technical exercises, music theory and ear training and learning and singing songs from the vast vocal repertoire.  Students select songs they want to learn in any genre: pop, rock, kid songs, jazz, etc.  Erica will also assign appropriate pieces in the classical, musical theater and sacred repertoire in order to develop specific technical skills to improve overall singing ability and quality.

Erica believes performance is an important part of singing and organizes two Student Recitals a year as an opportunity for students to perform for a live audience.  In preparation for the recitals, diction (proper singing pronunciation) and dramatics will be emphasized in order for students to properly deliver a believable and well-prepared song. 

Audition Coaching
Erica has coached numerous students in preparation for musical theater auditions, choir auditions and solo concert auditions.  Musical Theater auditions require singers to perform a song from a musical in character that properly showcases their voice.  Choir auditions often require sight-reading and aural skills exercises which Erica can emphasize during lessons. 

Erica Waxer conducting from the pit of the Palo Alto Children's Theater

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