Studio Policies

Monthly Lesson Fees:
Tuition is due in advance of the month for every week of the school year except for school holidays.

2016-2017 School Calendar
August 15 - Fall Classes Begin
September 2-4 No Classes
September 5 (Labor Day) - Classes available on request
October 7 - No School Staff development Day
November 11 - Veteran’s Day
Nov 23-26 Thanksgiving Break:
December 16-January 2 Winter Break
January 16 MLK Day
February 16-20 President’s Weekend
March 10 - no school
April 1-9 Spring Break

June 1  Last day of School

Lesson Cancellations and Make-Up Lessons: Refunds will not be given for absences or cancelled lessons.

Payment Methods: ACH payment via QuickBooks Online, Check or Cash. Credit Cards accepted with 2.5% service charge. Invoices will be emailed monthly. Travel fees will be assessed on following month’s billing statement.

Teacher Cancelled Lessons 

Teacher cancelled lessons are always eligible for make-ups or refund if make-up unavailable by end of term.

Recital Policies

Students are encouraged to perform in the recitals usually held in December and May. Admission is free for families and friends.  There is a $30 participation fee per student to help cover rental costs, printing costs, etc.  Parents need to provide RSVP, program information and bio information by the stated deadlines in order for the information to appear in the printed program.  

Termination of Lessons: 

Situations arise in which students decide to discontinue their lessons.  Please inform Erica one-month in advance if you have plans to discontinue lessons.  Improper cancellation notice will result in continued lesson billing for the next month.  

Practice: Students are expected to practice six days a week.  Practice sessions should ideally last for 15-30 minutes for younger students and upwards of an hour for older advanced students.  For younger children who have trouble focusing, a few 10 minute sessions per day are helpful.  Practice should start with a warm up of exercises and scales and then progress to working on pieces.  It is helpful for piano students to practice hands separately and to break songs into small sections which can be repeated until mastered.  

Books: Piano students are required to purchase a set of piano books when they begin classes.  New sets will need to be purchased as the student progresses and completes their current book set. There may be additional required materials such as supplemental exercise, theory or song books which will be assigned as needed.  Voice and theory student may also need to purchase sheet music or other materials.  

Dismissal: Students can be dismissed from the studio for any of the following reasons: inadequate practice, frequent cancellation or missed lessons, incomplete written homework, inappropriate behavior or failure to pay tuition.